Saturday, July 19, 2008

Be Proud

I actually included a picture in a blog.  I've come a long way in the blogging world!

Actually making progress...

I really had a break though of a week as far as the wedding goes. I'd been starting to feel that it is harder to strive for a colorful, maybe even tacky, wedding than it is to plan the most beautiful of weddings. It has never-not even once in my life-crossed my mind to have a traditional beautiful wedding. It just doesn't fit my personality. Colorful, tacky, now your speakin' my language. But I do want it to have some coordination. On oh Monday or Tuesday I found the bridesmaids dress I had my eye on for several months. The issue had previously been that it didn't come in enough colors. I wanted everyone to have a different color dress. Luck was with me, and there was the same dress, right in front of me, in 5 count them, 1 2 3 4 5 colors. I purchased them instantly and everyone is getting a size large regardless of their actual size. The extremely patient and helpful sales clerk assured me the size part that matters the most with this dress is the chest. Fortunately, all of them are "chesty" ladies. Here's the dress:

I really think it is perfect, and in nice bright colors. I do hope you can see that it is the ideal dress for my occasion despite the small photo size.

I couldn't stop there. I got out of class early the very next day. With nothing better to do I decided to head to the mall and browse for my own wedding dress. Nobody seemed to keen on my birthday suit idea. The second store I stumbled upon. Yep, the perfect dress. Normally, I never would go into such a high end store. But, I was just browsing, so what's the harm. I wrote down all the information went home and searched the net. Guess what I found it for $110 cheaper! So I ordered it.

Gosh, I think I am almost prepared! Amazing!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I saw the light....

About a week ago I saw the grand light at the end of the tunnel. Really, I'm not kidding. I have pretty much spent three months focused on one seemingly simple project. Yes, THREE months. What could possibly take three months of my time you ask? I'll tell you. Save the date cards, thats what! It is by far the largest (and maybe only) craft project I have ever completed. Mind you I had no idea the amount of time I was going to be investing until there was no turning back. Last week I became determined to get them done. I watched the clock tick by hour after hour until finally... at about 3AM... The light at the end of the tunnel. Done! I slept so soundly and satisfied knowing the slavery was over. Although, I must confess, if any of you receive a yellow and blue one. I apologize, the quality of my labor had suffered greatly by this point. I happily continued with the addressing of the envelopes the next morning. And then.... the grand light went out. I found about 20 cards yet to be completed. And, sadly, they may stay that way forever. I'm not convinced I have it in me to go on. I have been defeated........

Friday, May 30, 2008

I am coordinated, I am coordinated, I am coordinated

I am coordinated... Some one once told me if I set my mind to something and maybe write it a thousand times I could achieve anything. So I am attemting to write myself to coordination. I am coordinated, I am coordinated, I am coordinated. You see, I seem to be in some kind of a dance craze. It all started a few weeks ago when I was leaving the gym. I managed to get caught up in a swarm of elderly, sweaty women. All raving about the class they had just participated in. Zumba. Even the name sounds fun. They all had such fun and such a workout, that I became convinced I should drop the stairmaster and join the madness. Today was my first attempt at Zumba. All the elderly ladies were there and even a few elderly men as well. Zumba consists of dancing, some belly dancing even. If you have never been in a room full of senior citizens belly dancing, you haven't lived yet. I am sad to say I was by far the most uncoordinated one in the room. This simply cannot continue. I am determined to show the seniors up next week. So in an effort to fit in amongst the fellow senior Zumba'ers, Mike and I will be taking a ballroom dance class tomorrow evening. He is overflowing with excitment! And, it is only $5 a piece. Look out Zumba seniors, I'll be back next week, but this time I'm not gonna dance circles around you... While shakin' my money maker!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bloggin' Time

Hhmmm... It seems I am quite overdue for a post. Does anyone even read this thing anymore? I must say I think I have neglected all of you (oh maybe 3 or 4) faithful blog readers. I suppose I should never try my hand at pet ownership again, as I can't even take proper care of a blog. Anyways, I am still plugging away at school and getting A's barely even trying. As a matter of fact I am supposed to be there at this very moment. (Oh, dear, more signs of neglect) I am not getting straight A's because of brilliance, the school is just plain old easy. It's really a bit frustrating. On the other hand.... What's wrong with me??? Who in their right mind would complain about things being too easy? My Goodness!... I believe that I may be incapable of planning a wedding. All I have figured out is the date, it's a casual theme (think Jimmy Buffet) and it'll be in Arizona. I cannot figure out a venue. I can't figure out what to wear. I can't decide if I want anyone in it, besides Mike of course. All these decisions are just too difficult. And by the way Camille, if you should happen to read this, the date is 4/18/09. You should plan to be in Arizona!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Yes, Camille... Threatening to de-friend me does produce a blog. What power you have! You could take over the world!!!! Now normally I like my posts to be fun and entertaining but this will be the exception.

December was an emotional month. There are some things to need to be said about it.

My father: I loved him and I am sorry there is some strange flaw in me that prevented me from saying it to him. But I did love him. The visit before he passed Mom told me how everyone was coming in and holding his hand and giving him kisses, telling him they love him. But no one ever acted that way before. Mom said it was driving him crazy "we are not that kind of family". I know my father knew I loved him. True, we fought nearly every time we saw each other. Over stupid things, I would never back down to him. My poor mother would try to provide some logical solution, but it was all about the argument. I don't think we wanted to resolve anything. He proudly told all his friends about my life, they told me so at his visitation. So even though he never told me he loved me, I know he did! I hate that he suffered so terribly for the last few years. I hate that I was not there to help more. ( Even though I know he didn't want me to be there more, he didn't want anyone to see what had become of him.) He is in a better place.

The Fast Green Bike: My beloved bicycle was stolen in mid December. It makes me very sad, it was the best bike ever. So I suppose this blog has now become a tribute to its memory. I guess if a person is willing to stoop so low as to steal a bike off of my own patio they need it much more than myself. Karma WILL catch up to them someday. I am a firm believer in that!

Mike: Mike is amazing to me. He has taught me so much about my own emotions. I never thought I would find someone that would love me like he does. I am so in love with him, and guess what? We tell each other EVERY DAY! It is interesting what we have done for each other. I have steered his life down a different path. I am the one stable thing that he always knows will be there for him. He has taught me it is okay to be emotional, tell him I love him, tell him I'm angry, tell him anything but don't hold it in. We will be getting married on April 18, 2009 and I can't wait to spend my life with him!

Enough of all this! There will be more entertaining blogs to come...

Monday, November 26, 2007

THE fast green bike

The fast green bike has emerged from her summer slumber. She needed a little coaxing in the form of a little air in the old tires to ready her for the road. It was about a week ago that I dusted her off. I'm not so sure it was a happy occation for the old girl. She coughed and protested everytime I tried to switch her gears, making my legs jerk in an attempt to buck me off. When the old girl realized this was a failed effort she belched her chain off its tracks leaving me greasey and struggling to put it back on. Well, I got it. But in a way the fast green bike got me again. I was too scared to try to shift gears again for fear of her belching the chain off again so I was forced to pedal as fast as I could the rest of the way home because it was in the lowest gear possible. It's now about a week later and I am considering another ride. Never fear, their shall be many more tales from the bike to be told! Let's hope there's no blood shed this year...